Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Email vs. Web-Based Document Repositories

Email has become the most common tool for businesses to communicate with. As a result, many businesses also use it to share and transport documents and photographs.

The problem with this is large file transfers sent through email impede efficient email server performance, resulting in slow message delivery times, higher storage costs, slower backups and slower restores. In addition, security of the content sent through email servers can be compromised.

To make matters more complicated, file size limitations often prevent users from sending particularly large files through email, which requires users to then find alternative methods to send their content like third‐party FTP providers, thus driving up costs and sacrificing security even further. What organizations need is a trusted alternative solution. A complete PC and web-based document management system such as Experdocs™ can increase operational efficiency, increase productivity, improve compliance and ensure business continuity.

Specifically, it will provide efficient and secure delivery of electronically stored documents and images, including large file sizes, via the Experdocs Web Application™ and general file share features. Web‐based solutions such as these keep file transportation costs low, save time and improve most companies email server performance.

On top of improving email server performance, Experdocs has a robust, easy to use function panel that allows users to do just about everything one can think of with their documents and photos, all from one program (and growing).

Users can import and store, organize and sort, review and tag, share and collaborate, as well as present and report. There are no restrictions on file size or storage as the program is infinitely scalable to handle any amount of data for a small monthly fee (Primary accounts include 4 GB of data).

There are also no limitations on the number of users one can grant access to their account. This eliminates the requirement for organizations to invest in expensive individual user licenses which accompany most software.

The Experdocs platform offers a tiered rule or “permission‐based” access portal, where a Primary user controls and assigns roles to other users who access their Experdocs account specifying what each user can see and do. The administrative user can retrieve audit information for whose accessed what files, including when the file was accessed and what was the user's last action.

Experdocs.comThe absence of minimum term contracts and cancelation policies make the Experdocs platform attractive to many businesses and professionals who are not sure what their needs will be in the future or who prefer to not commit to any service provider.

This coupled with a free 30 day trial ensures no risk and no obligation and offers the noteworthy potential to reduce costs, improve efficiency and operations, or at the very least, gain some valuable knowledge and experience with a premier line of new and upcoming software.

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